How it works

Enhance your social life

Friends & Acquaintances

Looking for someone to talk to, listen to, hang out with, do stuff with, share life experiences with? Are you craving more face to face time than face to device time? This is where those friends are made, events happen, and social circles expand.

The System

The buddy system doesn’t simply put people in a room and leave relationship building up to chance.  Instead, we actively match-make people with others that compliment each other. Thus making, making friends easier than ever.


Open yourself up to a large group of friends, and acquaintances with the buddy system social network. Take your time getting to know someone allowing relationships or friendships to grow organically within the network.

Social Skills Coaching

Do you have difficulty socializing? Do you feel awkward in a conversation? No fear as we offer a number of workshops, coaching, group chats, and do our best to make introductions and meetings as welcoming and stress free. 🙂

Events & Socials

Events are one of the most important parts of our organization as we look to connect people face to face as much as possible. We do this with events of all sizes from small coffee meetings to big socials and huge parties where we celebrate life, love, friends, community, and fellowship.